Ocean Camo Utility Vest


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Size: XL

Upcycled narrow utility vest made from donated dead stock fabric and overdyed sail. Featuring boxed/detachable/velcro/clip zip pockets. The vest has also been hand dyed to give a subtle camouflage effect. This is a unique piece, impossible to replicate.

All vests are upcycled from other clothing items which are sourced from charity shops or vintage wholesalers. Textiles are handpicked to ensure consistency and quality. If you are unsure about sizes, please contact us and we will advise you. When selecting the made to order option, we will ask for your exact measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Material Response is a brand centred around the art of upcycling. Upcycling is a particularly attractive challenge to us, there is something special about taking low value waste and transforming it into high value pieces of art. The goal is to inspire, unite and educate by reviving used clothing and fabrics through our craft.

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