About Material Response

My name is Benjamin and I am the Founder of Material Response, a sustainable fashion brand focused on clothing and accessories made from upcycled, reclaimed and ethically sourced materials. My interest in fashion circularity began when I was at school. I  experimented with my own clothes, graphics and clothing adaptations and decided to pursue Fashion Design. I managed to secure a place on the Fashion course at Brighton University in 2017. There, I specialised in upcycling, textile development and accessories. I graduated in 2021 with my final year collection shortlisted for the GFW YKK award and supported by Fred Perry.

All the garments and accessories you see on my website are designed and made by me and are curated from materials and components that I personally source.  This means that every piece is unique; the path I take in my designs is often a response to the  materials available.

I pride myself in recycling atypical fabrics and turning them into wearable pieces. I have used tents, sails, upholstery material, yoga mats as well as conventional fabric often originating from damaged or dead stock.